Once Upon a Time

A Revolution Began.

A phone call started Say Something.

One friend called another friend and shared a need. The need was to reach this generation.

To meet this generation through the schools and equip them to recognize the signs of a growing epidemic in this country. To reveal to them the secret, that this epidemic has no socio-economic, religious, age or race boundaries and is actually targeting the vulnerable among them.

The epidemic?

Sex trafficking.

What did that friend say after he heard about the need?

He said, “No way!”

He said, “I’ve got three girls, I don’t want to get involved in this.”

He said, “The subject makes me too angry, it’s too awful.”

Long after the phone call ended, the conversation wouldn’t leave his mind though.

So he called a friend and told him what he was thinking about doing, and asked for help.

So those two friends got together for three days. They got up early and stayed up late, planning and brainstorming, looking at the challenges and the solutions. Together, their experience added up to over 52 years of leading, speaking, teaching and encouraging the younger generation, but this idea was something different for both of them.

That weekend they decided to start a revolution. To tap into the strength of this generation and help them become a force for emancipation throughout their very own communities.

Say Something has evolved and is about more than human trafficking, it’s ultimately about reaching the vulnerable BEFORE they become victimized. Whether it is sex trafficking, suicide or bullying, we are about equipping students with safe and practical tools so they can recognize the warning signs and if they need to, report suspicious behavior.  Together, with teachers, school administration and the students, we are fighting the epidemic of exploitation until it is no more!

In 2012, Say Something launched. No one noticed. Say Something didn’t mind. The following year, In New Orleans, Right before the Super Bowl Say Something tried again, Guess what happened? In 7 School Days They Hosted 57 Events, In 41 Schools Reaching 38,000 Students!! That’s what happens when you don’t give up!

Today, Say Something has traveled to over 200 schools throughout the United States, reaching over 300,000 students with a powerful message, engaging speakers, and an entertaining 3D presentation that touches student’s hearts and inspires them to get involved and join the revolution against the exploitation of their generation.

Say Something has collaborated with-

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Vice Unit Las Vegas Metro
  • Klaas Kids
  • South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation
  • New Jersey Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Homeland Security

“The “Say Something” assembly was very professional, full of energy, attention getting, and real.  It was unlike any high school presentation I’ve ever seen.  The students were hanging on to every word the presenters said….you could hear a pin drop in a gym with 700+ high school students.  The topics were approached with grace and professionalism.  We enjoyed having them at FHS and hope they will have the opportunity to come back sometime.”

Laura Clark    Assistant Principal, Florence High School

“We were very excited about the possibilities of having this program for our students. Our students at McLaurin were very engaged and attentive. The presenters were top notch and their real world stories had our students discussing things long after the program. We had a few students who thought it necessary to seek advise from a counselor. I believe this program provided  needed education in this area for all of the students involved. It was truly well-done.”

Scott Rimes, PH.D   Principal, McLaurin High School