Assembly is such a passive word, we like to say it’s an event experience!

The assembly, or event experience as we like to call it, is a 45-60 minute interactive presentation that is mixed with music, engaging speakers–including survivors, powerful stories, and ends with a call to action. Our assemblies are tailored for middle school to high school students.

The topics we deal with are difficult; suicide, sex trafficking, bullying and addiction, but the way in which we present these topics is both sensitive and age appropriate according to which grade level we are speaking to.


In this assembly, we touch on all the ways students are vulnerable, but focus more on the bullying aspect. We have speakers who share about their experience of being bullied and the devastating effects it had on them and their family and friends. Students are challenged to help one another, protect one another, encourage one another and most of all to speak up and SAY SOMETHING, whether it’s for themselves or for someone else.


The fact is that all children are vulnerable to being exploited. It doesn’t matter if they come from a healthy home or if they are a runaway, traffickers use the internet to bait and lure kids into being sexually exploited. Say Something arms students with the tactics traffickers use and the warning signs to recognize when recruitment is happening and to SAY SOMETHING! We offer this assembly to middle school through high school and realize it is a very sensitive subject so we tailor the assembly to be age appropriate.


Students facing bullying are 2x more likely to attempt suicide. The suicide and bullying topics usually will go into one assembly since one affects the other so much. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 12-18! With teen suicide on the rise, it is so important to teach students how to recognize the signs of suicide in their friends and also in themselves and then give them options of safe places to go for help. 


Addiction has many faces. The addictions we deal with in this particular assembly are drugs and alcohol. Our speakers share openly about the struggles of being an addicted teen and how that led to difficulties in their adulthood. With this assembly, we strive to educate students on how to recognize when they or one of their friends may have a problem with addiction and where to go for help.